VMware vSphere 8.0 U2 What’s New

VMware announced vSphere 8.0 U2 and Updates for vSphere+ at VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas which enables major benefits in the following key areas:

      1. Enhancement of vCenter Operational efficiency
2. Improvements in vSphere Workload performance
3. DevOPS Improvements: Supervisor Cluster configuration Export /Import and NSX   Advanced Loadbalancer Support


 Enhancement of vCenter Operational efficiency

 1. vCenter Reduced Downtime Upgrades: Downtime reduced to a few minutes only when Patching or upgrading

Source: VMware

      2. vCenter Database / Logical Volume Snapshots before patching

      3. Updating certificates without any downtimes

      4. Distributed Switch configuration keeps consistent when restoring vCenter from backup
Source: VMware

     5. The vCenter UI  now allows to perform End to End Desired State Configuration Management feature introduced in vSphere 8.0

     6. Customization files improvement: Active Directory OU path can be specified

     7. When files are locked on an datastore are are now additional information of IP address and MAC of the host which is blocking access. No need to use the CLI anymore to obtain this information


Improvements in vSphere Workload performance

       1. DRS performs smarter placement decisions for vGPU enabled VMs based on the vGPU profile size

       2. VMs with vGPUs can now be automatically migrated by DRS. Administrator’s can define max acceptable VMs stun time for DRS

      3. Introducing VM-Hardware Version 21