VMware NSX 4.1.0 released, Enhanced Multitenancy and BGP featureset available

NSX 4.1 has been released which delivers some new features. Some of my highlights will be outlined here:

1. NSX Multitenancy

As described in the Blogpost for NSX 4.0.1 https://phisiescloud.blogspot.com/2022/10/vmware-nsx-4011-released-smartnics-and.html  a Multi tenancy feature is available:

It is now possible to have multiple projects and contexts in NSX. There is the known default context, where all configuration of previous NSX releases and current non multi-tenancy configuration is stored.

Configuration of Tier1 Gateways, segments, groups, firewalls and more can be stored into a projects.

This allows that several Teams can administrate their network infrastrucure indepentend of other services.

Now with NSX 4.1 this feature is available in the GUI on the NSX-Manager.

2. Extension of BGP support

BGP Administrative Distance

In Multitenancy environments control of this BGP configuration is helpful to determine the route selection choice if there are multiple routes available

BGP Autonomous System (AS) Number per Tier-0 VRF Gateway and BGP neighbor

This feature is also very useful in Multitennancy environments to cinfigure which routes will be available for different tenants.

3. Extension of VRF featureset

Before NSX 4.1 it was not possible to connect VRFs between each other on the same T0.
Now with VRF route leaking inter tenant connections can be established more easily than before.

All release notes can be found here: