VMware Aria Hub & Graph: Next Gen Multi-cloud Management

Today VMware held a multi-cloud briefing announcing Aria Hub and Graph as a Multi Cloud visibility and organisation and tool. It is designed to ease multi-cloud management by providing information which supports the operational and financial efficiency of workloads.

It pulls metadata of cloud platforms / tenants. It is able to utilize multiple data sources like native public cloud workloads and on Premise infrastructures managed by VMware software. Major public cloud providers and also VMware based Cloud platforms are supported. (see image below)

(Source: VMware multi-cloud briefing, 12.05.2022)


In general Aria Graph is the back-end, which collects all inventory, detects changes based on tasks like deploying or reconfiguring services. Aria Hub provides the APIs to connect to the cloud ecosystems.

Metadata may be pulled from cloud native like AWS EC2. But a major increase of data sources is the ability to pull metadata from VMware's portfolio like Aria Operations, Aria cost, Aria Automation, NSX etc.

There will be also an open Collector SDK available in the future to integrate with other partner ecosystems / smaller public cloud service providers.

Currently Aria Hub and Graph are SaaS only, but there may be option to operate it OnPrem Service in the future.


Technical UseCase Examples

The following image, introduces the general overview page of Aria Hub.

On the left there is a view of the cloud platforms an its percentage of each service. The mid section of the interface contains a cost statement of each platform an while the  bottom area consists of availability and performance metrics of the services. There is a steady check of conformity regarding to Security and compliance standards. The right area describes current events and optimization detected by components like NSX or Aria Operations.